Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So I usually don't admit this to many people, but, take deep breath... Big confession coming.... I enjoy celebrity tabloid type gossip. It' s silly. It's pure escapism. And it's funny. That said, I am sad to see that a certain newly single, mother of two pop star has been photographed repeatedly in the past week or so without undies! What is she thinking? Come on Britany, I was never a big fan of your music, but after you had kids, I felt for you... It seemed like you were having some problems adjusting to motherhood and boy, did you make some big mistakes (the car seat, the highchair, etc) but I really was pulling for you.

That is, until you started hanging out with youknowwho, the super skank, and adopting her underpantsless habits. What is up with the crotch flashing?! Come on now, you're a mother of two! I realize that you are young and want to just get out and party some... And that you probably have a lot of steam to blow off after putting up with your scum of a soon to be exhusband.... But really, keep in mind that your two sons are your priority now! After all, do you really think that what you are doing is setting a good example for them? Do you really want them to google you name and see these pictures as soon as they are old enough to reach a keyboard and spell Mommy's name? How do you plan on explaining the pictures to them? What are they doing and who is taking care of them while you are partying all night with the superskank? And who takes care of them while you sleep it off? How much time are you really spending with them anyway, between your hard core partying and the hangover that is sure to follow? Doesn't seem to leave much time to be a parent, now does it?

I have a daughter who is just a month younger than your oldest. I know how much attention they need at this age... And I remember how much she needed when she was an infant. You have two under two... I can't see how you have time to pee in private, much less get a bad weave and party with the skanks all night.

I feel really sorry for your children. Based on how much your photographed without them, I can't see how you spend much of any time with them. They are being raised by nannys and servants, huh? What they really need is you.

Wake up Brit. Stay home with your kids and stop flashing your vag. We know you have one. After all, that's how you got the two kiddos, no?

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