Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween! Boo!
We took precious baby "trick or treating" last night.. sort of. We took her around to see some of our neighbors, dressed in her oh so cute jack o lantern outfit. She was so cute it just broke my heart. Then she "helped" me hand out candy. All the little kids in our neighborhood came by... lots of princesses, pirates, Buz Lightyear, Curious George, a teddy bear.... they were all so cute.

Then Hubby wanted to watch "Hostel" an nice gory horror movie. I don't like gore. I can deal with movies like Jason or Freddie or Michael Myers... they are so campy, they're hysterical. But this movie was creepy and very gory. Honestly, when it was time for precious baby's bath, I was relieved to have an excuse to get away from the TV.

Now, for Thanksgiving.

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