Monday, December 11, 2006

The holiday hoopla just keeps coming. Last Friday, Precious baby particpated in her school's christmas pagent. Her group was first, the 12 to 18 moth olds. All the cute little kiddies were dressed up in their holiday finery and they sat on the stage and were supposed to ring jingle bells while the music director played and sang two christmas carols. As you can imagine, there was one kid who got up and ran around, and one who cried. Some of the kids remembered what they were supposed to do and actually rang the bells, but not Precious Baby! She decided that it was better to chew on the bells. In the time it took to hear two short songs, she managed to completely soaked the ribbon that tied the bells together.

But she looked so cute! She was wearing this dress
with a pair of white tights. I had also purchased a little pair of mary jane shoes for her to wear, but when we got her dressed, we discovered that the size five shoes were WAY too big! She tried to take a step and stepped right out of the shoes! She ended up wearing the little blue and green "froggie" robeez that she wears every day. Ok, it might have looked a little funny, but at least she had shoes on her feet that she could walk in! Hubby said, "well, we just won't take pictures of her feet!" She still looked so, so cute.

Christmas shopping continues. This weeked I'll have to buy a cordless controller for the #@!% xbox that we purchased for the Boy (really for Hubby!) and gifts for precious baby. I've already bought Hubby a gift... shhhhhh... tickets to the Alamo Bowl, so he can cheer on his beloved longhorns. The only other thing is that I guess I'm going to order that short sleeve Ireland rugby from Canterburry of New Zealand for Hubby for our aniversary. I don't know what we were thinking, with Boy's birthday, Christmas and our anivesary in the same month.

The exercising continues. I have managed to get to the gym at least twice a week since I first posted about it... I haven't been running as much as I should though, and I really should be working out three times a week. But although I may not look better (I can't tell) I think I am stronger. On saturday night we made dinner for my BIL and SIL and their two year old, C. C likes to play in the kitchen while I cook. On this paticular night, I decided to pick him up and balance him on my hip while I cooked dinner. Precious baby was in the highchair at the table, so I scooped C up and talked to him about what I was doing while I cooked. He's a big boy, but I found him easy to hold. Later, his mom told me she was surprised that I had held him so long because he is so heavy. She told me that he weighs 30 pounds! I must be getting stronger, because I know that not long ago I would have had to put him down after just a few minutes!

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