Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The sickness train continues. Hubby came home last night, complaining that he still didn't feel well. He took his temperature and he did have a low grade fevor. Apparently, he thinks that being sick means that he is entitled to lay in bed complaining and not doing anything around the house. While I know he didn't feel well and I can certainly sypathize, it really is hard to do everything your self while holding a cranky 13 month old who cries as soon as you put her down. Parenting doesnt stop because you don't feel well. I know I was sick the night before, but I still had to get up and take care of precious baby everytime she woke up. Oh well. He calmed down soon after. I think his outburst was just prompted by not feeling well.

Then, last night right before she went to sleep, precious baby threw up again! She hadn't been sick since Sunday. And boy was it a lot. All over me, all over the bed. Poor thing! She was so scared! It took me a while to calm her down, then she nursed and went to sleep. Luckily, she wasn't sick during the night, but, of course, now I'm pretty worried that she hasn't really gotten over being sick.

At least Hubby seems to be recovered this morning!

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