Monday, October 16, 2006

Precious baby's birthday party!

boy, what a party! I think we had about 35 people in out house and backyard! Lots of kids and parents! I was so touched by the outpooring of love (and gifts!) that precious baby received. Hubby and I had been talking earlier that week about needing to get Precious baby some fall clothes... not any more. She got so many cute little outfits for her birthday that she be superstylish for months.

Our living room looks like a the giraff store exploded in there. So many new toys! I think we are going to have to set up one end of the game room as a playroom for Precious baby... there's really no where else to put all the toys and I can't see carrying them up and down the stairs.

On another note, I found out this weekend that my parents sold their house... the home I grew up in. I am saddened. I mean, that's where I grew up, and so now I sort of feel .... unmoored, maybe? Like now I can't go home (not like I'd want to, but it's nice to have the option, right?). So, they are going to get rid of almost all of their stuff and move to the very far north end of town (an hour away) within the next month. Less than that, actually.

Dad suggested that if I wanted anything, I should let them know... have to think about that. Maybe they might not keep the dining room table? I'd take that.

And, Boy won his football game this week! If the team wins their next game (this weekend) they will go to the play offs! He's so excited, and hubby and I are so proud.

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