Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love Fall.
The weather here where I live is so hot most of the year that it seems like we don't have seasons anymore... we have nine months of hot, and three months of not so hot.
So, I've learned that whenever we have fall like weather, one must appreciate it, because it won't last!
This weekend, Hubby, Precious Baby and I "faux camped".

To explain...
Our friends, B and A, (who are actually Boy's mom and step dad!) own a popup camper and love to camp at area parks here in Texas. "Faux Camping" is when we go to the park where they are camping on day pass and hang out with them, cooking out for dinner, etc, but go home and sleep in our own comfy beds.

which we did this weeked, after Boy's football game (which his team won!). The occasion was A's birthday. We hung out at beautiful Jimm Hogg Park in Georgetown, Texas. B and A got a great camping spot, with a lovely, panoramic view of Lake Georgetown. The weather was fabulous... not too hot during the day, and then it cooled off to crisp sweater weather after dark. B and A made this great tamale pie in a dutch over over an open fire. So tasty! I would have loved to stay later and enjoy the fire they made, but Preciousl baby wasn't feeling so well, and it was way past her bedtime, so we went home early.

The rest of the weekend was great though...on Sunday Hubby and I made 2 Indian Style BBQ chickens... one was tandori style and the other was rubbed witha mixture of cumin, tumeric, garam masala, lime and a little olive oil. Yummy! I made basmati rice and a mild vegtable curry to go with it.

Guess that's what I like best about fall... being outside, with friends, and not feeling like you're about to expire from the heat. I love the fact that now that it's cooler, Hubby likes to cook out more... I just love the food that he grills... it's always good! Not to mention that I don't have to cook it!
Not to mention Halloween... my favorite holiday.

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