Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ok, rant about work.

I work for a state agency that protects children and regulates daycares, residential treatment centers, and the like. Specifically, my job is to prevent people who have prior findings of abuse or neglect against them from getting jobs in day care centers, or in any other facility that deals with children that my agency regulates.

It horrifies me sometimes how lax people can be about their children. Day in and day out, I read cases about parents who allowed their spouse or significant other to beat their children, or who knowingly allowed a sexual predator to have access to their children. How can a parent do this?! It just floors me. Do these parents have some major part of their protective instincts missing? I may be paranoid, but there are very, very few people I would leave precious baby or Boy (and he's almost 12!) with. Sadly, the sexual predator or abuser is often a boyfriend or some family member. It may just be me, but I believe that once you have had children, they come first, always, and their needs come before yours... so that means that if your boyfriend is a bad guy, your children's safety has to come first, and that trumps your love for or need to be with the boyfriend, or your need to "protect" a family member.

It's just sad, isn't it?

ok, rant over.

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