Monday, March 24, 2008

Today is Day Four since we said bye-bye to diapers.

And Precious baby is doing pretty well... we started on Friday. As I expected, she had quite a few accidents on Friday... I think six. The last one was at Plucker's, hubby's favorite wing restaurant, while she was sitting in her high chair! Luckily, I had changes of clothes and underwear for her, as well as a plastic bag for the wet clothes, and I was able to take her to the bathroom, clean her up and re-dress her without any problems.

Saturday and Sunday were much better. She had two accidents on Saturday, and two (or was it just one?) accident on Sunday.

Last night I got together the required five changes of clothes and underwear (and socks too!) to take to nursery school today. I had to use laundry basket to tote it all in! While I don't expect her to stay dry all day, a mom can hope, right?

Really, I'm very proud of her progress. And I think she's really excited about it to... I know she likes wearing her "Big Girl Pants" and her eyes just light up when she goes in the potty.

Of course, as proud as I am of her, and as happy as I am to say good bye to diapers, it does mean she's growing up... and in a way, that makes me a little sad. I feel like she's growing up so fast! Sometimes I really wish she could be a little baby for just a while longer.

But then again, every night she reminds me of how sweet and babyish she still is, when she snuggles up against me to read stories and wind down before bed. I wouldn't trade those sweet moments cuddling with her for anything.

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