Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A few weeks ago, we had some friends over for dinner and drinks. My SIL and her adorable little boy, age three, were there. After dinner we were all talking, drinking wine and listening to music, when my nephew and precious baby decided to take off all of their clothes and dance around in the living room.

As parents, we all just let them be. They are so young, we thought it was just harmless, and also probably one of the last times it would ever be OK for them to be naked anywhere except the bathroom.

Well, Precious baby has kind of taken a shine to being nakey. Last week, she asked me to put on some music, saying she wanted to dance. When I turned on the stero, she started taking her clothes off and got upset when I told that no, it wasn't time to be nakey right now.

Last night, she woke up crying. I went upstairs and was quite suprised to find her totally naked in her crib, crying. I guess she was cold, and she was wet too... I found her PJs and her overnight diaper in the crib, and the sheets were wet, which told me she'd taken her clothes off before she went to sleep, and had then been awakend because she was wet and cold after going pee-pee in her bed.

I of course, dressed her in dry pjs and a dry diaper, changed the sheets on her bed, and rocked her back to sleep, tucking her in with a nice warm, dry blankie.

Let's hope this nakey thing isn't indicative of a career choice.

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