Monday, March 17, 2008

Time for a Birthday week-end wrap up.

Friday (the day before my birthday):
Hubby took me out to dinner at Vespiao Enoteca. Fantastic! As it should be, since they share a kitchen with Vespiao, the best (at least in my opinion) Italian restaurant in town. Enoteca is kind of like the kid brother of Vespiao, a little less expensive, and a little more casual... But still, so good. We ordered an apetizer plate of procuitto di parma, jambon, and duck rillets. Yum. Hubby ordered a margarita pizza and I had the gnochi with tomato sauce and a little cheese. Delicious. We would have probably just gone to a bar, and had another drink or two, and gone home early, except that my friend Brit called as we finished dinner... and she was ready to party!!!

Was she ever! She met us at some new bar on west 6th street (away from the SXSW crazyiness) and we had a few drinks before going over to The Brown Bar, the swankiest gin joint in town. Had a few more drinks. Then Brit talked us into going to Elysium, a dance club down town, right in the middle of all the SXSW insanity. So we hailed a cab. We got down there, and found out Elysium was participating in SXSW and the cover charge was outrageous, since we didn't have passes, so we got a bike rickshaw to Oil Can Harry's, the best gay dance club in town.

At Oil Cans, Brit began her "inspection tour" which consists of her walking through the club, "inspecting" (that means groping!) each attactive male behind that she saw... and given that we were at Oil Cans, which was full of well dressed, well maintained gay men, it took a long time.

After Brit had checked out every behind at Oil Cans, we went across the street for what would turn out to be our last drink at a Pub. Time to go home. Good fun, but I couldn't do that every weeked!

On Saturday, hubby gave me my birthday gift: an adorable little Micheal Korrs black patent leather clutch. I love it, it's so cute, and I can't wait to use it! Precious baby and the Boy had a gift for me too: The Kite Runner, ( a novel) and some nice socks.

Later that afternoon, all of our friends (except Brit... she was recovering!) came over to our house for chicken and veggie kabobs. It was great to see all of our friends, and Precious baby got to play with her cousin, and S, the daughter of our friends, S and C, who is just two weeks older than she is.

Yesterday was nice, quiet time, to relax and recharge... except for hubby who was resting up for today, St. Patrick's Day.

Last night, Hubby made dinner for me: roasted chicken with forty cloves of garlic. It was so good. I made parmesan mashed potatoes and french onion soup to go with it. It was a classic french bistro meal. Certainly a departure for our usual healthy eating, but then again, I don;t think it was too bad, in terms of fat and calories.

Besides, it was a birthday meal, and everyone knows that those don;t count. Right? Right? I wish.

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Alegra said...

love ur blog, ur such a great writer! & u sound like a wonderful mom too