Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's time to ditch the diapers.

Precious baby is two and a half. She's been showing interest in pottying from the day I showed her the potty... about two weeks after her second birthday. She's been pretty hit or miss about pottying, but getting better... but she still wants to pee in the pull ups.

However, recently, two of her little friends at school have started underpants. And she has said that she wants to potty train, and that she want to wear underpants.

So I've decided that it is time to put her in panties. And we are going to start this weekend, specifically, tomorrow, since I'll be off work for good Friday. I figure she'll wet herself a few times and she'll get the picture...

So in preparation, I've bought about 15 pairs of cute little girl panties... Dora and Hello Kitty. But that probably isn't enough, so tomorrow I'll probably go to Target and have her pick out some more. I figure I'll need about thirty pairs, along with many, many pairs of leggings and tee shirts, and easy little dresses, since her nursery school requires five (!!) full changes of clothes for everyday while they are potty training. It seems like a whole lot, I know... but I sure would want to have clean clothes to change into!!!

Wish us luck!

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