Friday, May 30, 2008

And life goes on.

It's been awhile sine I last posted.
Precious Baby is "there" with potty training. Occasionally ther eis an accident, but it's rare these days.

The game room is almost finished. We just have to do the floor and it's done.
Of course, our property taxes went up (AGAIN!) this year.
Boy is 13 and staring to think that he wants to live with us full time.

But today, something happened that deserves it's own, special mention:

We went out to dinner at the local pizzaria. We've been going there for almost four years now, since it first opened.
We came in order and found a table, and sat down to wait for our order, Next to us was a rather rotund gentleman, who was engaged in a freindly disagreement with another patron over the current state of the NBA playoffs.
I recognized the gentleman... he's also a regular.
We were eating our dinner, when.... suddenly... the noise... it seemed like the whold building shook. "Are the walls still standing?" Hubby asked.

"Excuse me," the rotund man at the next table said.

Yep, that's right... the public fart.

I was flabergasted. So were Hubby and Boy. I just couldn't beleive what we had witnessed.

Anyone else ever, well, been in the company of this sort of thing?

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