Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So we did have our cowboy christmas, and it was fabulous! Hubby's brisket turned out so, so well, that even the left overs made the best BBQ sandwitches.
The holidays just seemed to roll by this year, and by new years, I was actually glad that it was over. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, and new years especially was a good time, but it was just so busy, so full of going here and doing this and seeing so-and-so, that by the time it was over, I needed a holiday from the holiday. It was actually a relief to take down the christmas tree and come back to work.
Of course, now it's time to think about the spring, which, should start soon, here, and the half marathon. I'm still running and trying to eat better (even though I took the week of the holidays off) and I am happy to say that I now seem to be a size 8. I say that because I can wear my size 8 jeans, and a size 8 skirt, with out feeling like a stuffed sausage. Now, of course, I also have a pair of skinny size 10 bananna republic pants that are too tight... but I'm working on it. I have got to be thinner by the time I run this half marathon, but especially for our Hawaii trip. I just can't go on the trip of a life time as a fatso. And for me, where I am right now, 160, is big. It's better than I was, and I'm trying not to obscess so hard on the scale number, but it's difficult. Although, it was nice to see that I actually didn't gain (and in fact lost about two pounds) over the holiday.

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