Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My precious baby girl is talking up a storm, and sometimes I'm not loving what comes out of her mouth.
She goes to nursery school, and has a lot of interaction with other children her age. Her teachers tell me that they are very impressed with her verbal skills, and that she is very good about using her words to express her feelings, rather than hitting, kicking or biting.
But when she says something like "don't push me!" when she is sitting in her chair eating her cheerios, it just suprises me. The other day, I picked her up and gave her a kiss, and she said,

"Don't kiss me!"

"Why baby?" I asked. "I love giving you kisses."

I guess it was more like a joke for her, because when I said that she started giggling and burried her head on my shoulder.

But I suppose I shouldn't be so concerend, after all, she is the most cuddly little person ever, she just loves to climb all over me and her Daddy, and snuggle up to us for story time, or just about anytime, for that matter.

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