Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Precious baby is an addict. And I'm her enabler. I am speaking, of course, of the binky. Precious baby loves her binky. And at two years, nearly four months, I am thinking it is high time to wean her from it.

Yesterday I took Precious baby to Costco. She loves to go there, because she eats all the samples that store employees give out, and she likes riding in the cart. While we were cruising past the frozen food, I noticed that Precious baby had lost her binky. I hoped that she had left the binky in the car, but even then, I knew that was unlikely. At that point, we had been all over the store. I wasn't about to re-trace my steps looking for it. I went over to the pharmacy area, but Costco doesn't sell binkys (that must be the only thing they don't sell...except for ricotta cheese...). I was pretty sure I didn't have a handy spare in the car, or at home.

So I decided we would try to wean her from the binky. I didn't mention it again. We went home, and precious baby played and giggled with mommy, daddy and her big brother all afternoon. At bedtime, we went upstairs and when she asked for the binky, I said, "you're a big girl, binkys are for babies. You don't need that. "

she seemed ok until I went to put her down in her bed. And then she screamed. And screamed. She was not happy about the lack of binky. Her Daddy came upstairs to assist me. I explained that it was binky weaning time and went downstairs. Her Daddy seemed to get her to calm down pretty fast.

But, sensing it wouldn't last, I grabbed a flashlight and looked under the living room sofa, and there, back among the dust bunnies, I saw one... a bright orange and green binky. I reached under the sofa and fished it out. Dirty, but it would be just fine after a wash-off.

I went in to the kitchen and washed the binky. I heard Hubby comming down the stairs... and then, like clockwork, I heard precious baby start to scream again. I looked at Hubby.

"I have one binky in reserve.... do you think we should let her have it?"

"Give me that," Hubby said. He snatched it from the counter and ran back upstairs.

Magically, Precious baby quieted right down. So, I guess it's not time yet. It seems that Precious baby isn't ready to give it up yet, but, I don't think we are either.

Score: Precious Baby- 645,208. Mommy and Daddy- 0.

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