Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I love indian food. So does hubby, and in fact, so do B and A, our bestest friends. So on Sunday, we all decided to get together and cook a big indian feast. And did we! When we got to Band A's house, B had already cooked Chicken corma, and Saag Paneer, and somekind of wonderfull eggplant potatoe curry, and a fabulous basmati rice pilaf as well. I quickly got to work on the Lamb Rogan Josh, which is Hubby's favorite... lamb cubes with potato in a rich, tomatoe-y, yogurt sauce, with plenty of sauce left for dipping Naan bread into. It takes a time, because the recipe requires that the dish be cooked until almost all the water evaporates , until the ingrediants are like a dry paste, two or three times before it's ready. So, you have to stand over it and stir it almost constantly, to keep everything from burning. But, at the end, you add in some yogurt and water to make the sauce, and you're rewarded with the best, richest, most flavorful sauce ever. It is so worth it.
Of course, for four people, one teeneager and one toddler, it was all way too much food (B even made two different riattas and made Roti as well!). So, we divvied up the leftovers, and now I have all this wonderful, home-made indian food packed into containers just waiting for Hubby and I to eat.

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