Thursday, February 08, 2007

The weight and handbag obsession is growing! Don't tell, but I went to the Coach outlet yesterday and almost walked out with a Zoe clutch.... cutest thing ever! Also checking out a few authentic satchels on a "popular auction site".

It's so hard to resist! I didn't see any really great (read, cheap) prices yesterday, other than the clutch, but I managed to hold out. I did not see my Legacy handbag... but was not surprised that it was not at the outlet. I did, however, allow myself to purchase a $10 key ring... a shiny, glittery star... so cute! And some leather conditioner to keep my bags looking good.

Getting on the scale today for a weigh in... worried. I've been working hard, and I really want to see some progress... I am afraid I'll only see a one pound loss after two weeks. Any loss is good, but I want to be thin now!

I know, I know.. being obsessive. Hubby would just shake his head in wonderment if he could read my inner thoughts... heck, if he read this blog! I've invited him here, but he just smiles and says no thanks... just watch though, he really is reading it... and probably sitting somewhere, shaking his head in wonderment at how his wife could be so OCD.

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