Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So the contractor who was supposed to come and give us a bid never showed up on Saturday and didn't even give me courtesy call to say he wasn't going to make it! Some people. Well, I just won't be spending my hard earned dollars with you. It did tick me off though... because we planned our Saturday morning around that appointment... we all went to the gym... I worked out while precious baby went to the playroom, and Boy and Hubby played basketball. I cut my workout short just to make sure we would be home on time, and then he no-showed. I really just don't want to deal with someone who doesn't take my time seriously.

We had such a busy weekend! We had our annual superbowl party on Sunday night and it was fun...of course I had no emotional investment in the game and I barely watched it... I was more interested in the much hyped Kevin Federline commercial than I was in the game. But, I did work out this weekend, both days, and I sure am glad I did so, since we had so much good food at the party! I still felt guilty about eating it... deep dish pizza, hot dogs, sausage... but at least I had worked out, so I felt a little less guilty... so hopefully the one day of pigging out didn't make too much of a negative impact.

One other thing I did this weekend was to get started on organizing my/hubby's closet. I found all kinds of clothing that I had forgotten that I had... a lot of which hopefully fits, now that I'm losing weight. I also filled a huge bag to the top of clothing and shoes to give to charity. It felt really good to purge all that junk from my closet and neaten up... I feel better just walking into the closet now that I can see all of my stuff, hanging up or neatly folded. Now I just need some open shelving for my growing handbag collection... I'd like to have nice open shelves with some lighting... and I'd like to hand a door sized mirror on the inside of the closet door so I can see myself full length.

Speaking of handbags, I'll be weighing myself this Thursday... two weeks since the last time. Hopefully I'll be able to post some good progress. I am wearing a size 10 A-line skirt today, but skirts are much more forgiving than pants, and especially jeans. But my 12s are nice and comfortable... not to tight, not too loose... so I think I'm making some progress. Can't wait to get that handbag... it's taking quite some restraint not to go buy it right now. But, I know it will be all the sweeter since I'll have earned it, and I'll look so much better carrying it, since I'll be thinner.

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