Thursday, February 01, 2007

The renovation quest continues. We've got one bid for cutting the doorway through our living room wall. We have another contractor coming this Saturday morning to give us another bid. I'm going to buy the flashing and arrange for the concrete to be poured next weekend. I am ready to get this show on the road! I want my new (old) porch as soon as possible! By my birthday (in weeks) if possible!

I'm just so ready to get this done. I'm also excited about the fact that it is going to make us throw a lot of things away, or give them to good will. We have bunch of stuff in boxes in this little storage area of the game room. Hubby said to me the other day that we should leave that room there instead of demolishing it along with the rest of the game room. When I asked why, he said "well, we have all that stuff in there." I for one, think it should all be thrown away, except for his guitars and amp... the rest of it, well, I don't think we've gone looking for anything in those boxes in the two years we've lived in the house. If we haven't needed the stuff in the last two years, we don't need it period, in my book, and we should pitch it. Throwing things away like that makes Hubby a bit nervous... I think he'd be an outrageous pack rat if given half the chance.

I continue to work out. I did weights yesterday and started to get a little bit of a headache again... Hubby says maybe it's because I'm not hydrated enough. So, I'll be carrying a water bottle with me at the gym from now on.

I think I'm getting somewhere with it too... I tried on some of my pre- pregnancy clothes last night and noticed that they were fitting a lot better... In fact tomorrow I'm going to wear a suit that I haven't worn in almost two years... thank goodness it's plain and classic, and therefore not out of style.

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