Monday, February 25, 2008

We've been back and forth about that to do with the "game room" at our house. The "game room" is actually a large, long room that runs along the back of our house. It was originally a covered proch and was enclosed by a previous owner.

I had previously lobbied to return it to that state, and I still wish that we could, but, I have accepted that we really do need the space as a play room for precious baby and a video game and computer area.

About a year ago, we had a flood in that room. During a really bad rainstorm, the backyard flooded and water seeped in to the game room. Fortunately, we caught it immediatly and were able to control the flooding, shop-vac out the water and we removed the wet drywall to prevent mold growth.

We addressed the drainage problem in the backyard by digging a drainage ditch and lining it with rocks... it looks kind of like a woodland stream now, and works really well to direct the water away from the house.

But we still didn't know what to do with the gameroom, until we finally decided what kind of flooring to put down. So hubby started scraping up the old floor a few weeks ago. It took a while because it's a big room, but he finally got the old vinyl floor scraped up. I patched up the drywall yesterday. It was horrible, exhausting work... cutting new drywall pieces, fitting them in to the spots where the old drywall had been removed, trimming and fitting over and over, and then nailing it in place. Then I applied fiberglass tape and joint compound to the seams.

Now that the walls are fixed, it looks so much better... even without the flooring. But I want that room done. I want to paint this weekend and put the floors in the next weekend. I just want the room done, so that it can be used, and I need someplace to put all of precious baby's toys! If we can't get that room done, we're going to need a bigger house just for the toys!

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