Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I found the best beauty product ever.

I'm sure any woman out there has bought manybeauty products that promise to deliver something...

shiny hair? Clear skin? Long lashes? Effortless sex appeal? Perfection?

and been dissapointed (but maybe not too suprised) when the product failed to deliver what it promised.

So, if you are like me, you are very skeptical and have drawers full of half used products. But I found a product that really does deliver what it promises.

Lip fusion. WOW. I bought the lip pencil, because I already had a lip plumper that I like (Big Fatty by Urban Decay) but I wanted a pencil that also had plumping properties because I often foung that the plumper would smear and look messay after a few hours. I wanted a product that would stay in place.

Well, Lip Fusion does what it promises. A bigger, fuller pout, without stinging or burning, and the nuetral color is just perfect on me... Nice, but not too made up. Even Hubby noticed that my lips looked lusher and fuller... and he's a "Lip man" so he would notice.

Honestly, I like the product so much, that I'm going to get the gloss to go with it... I figure that the two products would work together even better than just the pencil.

Finally, a product that will be used down to the nub!

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