Thursday, February 07, 2008

There is more going on in my life than precious baby and running. I've noticed that almost all of my posts lately have focused on one of those two topics. There is, actually, more than that going on in my head lately.

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and with it, the collapse of several presidential campaigns. We are now left with two Democrats and one Repulican. The Democratic Race seems pretty open right now, and it's hard to say which of the two candidates, both of whom I have tremendous respect for, will win the nomination.

It's the Republican race, that has concerned me. The Republicans have, in every past election in recent memory, run on a platform of religous faith, to one extent or another. Our current president (thankfully a lame duck) has made much of his personal faith and has attempted to expand federal funding for "faith based initiatives".

This has long worried me. I believe in the strictest separation between church and state. I feel that Government has no business funding, or even discussing, religion. And I feel that religion has no business in Government. I feel that the President, and by extension, presidential candidates, shouldn't discuss religion and that it should play no part at all in government or politics.

Which is why I, a registered Democrat, became more and more concerned watching the Republican field.

Mit Romney is a Mormon. I know what Mormonism is founded upon (and whom) and I honestly believe that anyone who can believe in it has questionable judgment at best, and at worst, is down-right delusional. (Not to mention Mormonism's shamefull history of bigamy and racism.)

Mike Huckabee is a Baptist pastor. I can't see how this man would have any business in government and I cannot see how he would be able to separate his religious faith (which afterall requires the failthfull to actively go out and convert those who don't share their beliefs) from his responsibility to govern without respect to religion.

You can imagine my relief that it appears that niether of these men will be the Republican nominee. After Super Tuesday, John McCain seems to to be the clear front runner, and in fact, this morning Mit Romney suspended his campaign.

At least on the topic of religion, John McCain has followed what I (and George Carlin) believe to be the most important of all commandments:

"Though shall keep they religion to thyself!"

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