Monday, November 19, 2007

still not thinner. Still working out. I think I found what works for me, though. Running. I've been douing it a lot... Since the first of October, and I know I'm getting thinner. The scale isn't really budging much and I question how accurate it is, but I know what I'm doing is working because my clothes are getting looser.

Yesterday was meat sauce day... when I make a huge vat of meat sauce and we freeze it up in portioned bags. Making meat sauce is such an effort that I wouldn't make it unless I was making it in quantity. It takes at least five hours of simmering to get it right, but at least it doesn't require a bunch of pot watching. you know it's done and the consistancy is correct when a mixing spoon will stand up in the sauce. I took a picture of that which I'll have to post.

I seem to finally be recovered from my illness of last week. I ran yesterday for the first time in a week. ran four miles and still felt good. I'll be going to run today too.... got to train for that half marathon in february.

thanksgiving this week. Hubby's family comming for dinner. We are doing two turkeys... one over roasted, and one smoked.... Can't wait to have the smoked one... it's my favorite... and Hubby does it really, really well. Everyone else is bringing sides and wine... I just have to do the over roasted turkey that day, and make the stuffing, and I'll make a cheese cake too. Of course, I do have to clean the house.... my mother in law is OCD about housework and I doubt that she's above the white glove test... Not like my house would pass after I clean it either, I mean, hey, I have a toddler and some things are just more important that house work, but at least after I clean the house will look presentable.

Speaking of precious baby, she is barely recognizable from this time last year! She changed so much in just one year! It's really hard to beleive! this picture is of her and I from the Texas Renasance Festival and was taken last weekend. She is such a big girl!!!

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