Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, so no size 10. I think the 12s I bought on Friday at old navy were actually 14s and were Mislabeled... I compared them to other 12s and they were definitely much bigger. So I bought some real 12s, and they fit. Now my 14s are too big.
I worked out on both Saturday and Sunday too. And I watched my portions and ate healthy, not junk... Except for Friday night, when we met friends and ate buffalo wings. But at least I worked out like a fiend on Saturday, so maybe that helped.
I did portion up plenty of healthy snacks for this week, so I won't be snacking on junk when I get home. Endame, celery sticks and even blanched asparagus. Yummy!
I'm really committing myself to working out, eating better and getting thinner. I really want the legacy bag, but I think it's even getting beyond that now. I just want to feel better and to look better. I saw my friend Brit at a birthday party on Saturday night and she even commented that I was looking slimmer. It made my day.
So here it is... I will work out six days this week and I will watch my portions, drink water first, before I eat, to make sure I'm not just thirsty, and just drink more water PERIOD. I will eat healthy and not eat junk.
That's really going to be hard on Sunday... Superbowl Sunday... And we are having our yearly superbowl party... Which means junk food. Ouch. But Brit will be there, and she's committed to healthy eating too, so I'll have an ally to help keep me in line. I'll also make sure that we have lots of veggies and low calorie dip to eat, so I won't be so tempted by the queso and buffalo wings.

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